Character Academy

‘From after school clubs to international trips, we give our students access to the cultural literacy to enable them to fully participate in adult educated life’

The Character Academy is an umbrella term for our enrichment offer to all students across the MAT.  It is the means by which students feel a sense of belonging, and identification with, The Four Stones MAT. 

To be a student in The Four Stones MAT means equal access, across all schools, to a wide variety of activities, including residential trips, cultural visits, the opportunity to learn new skills and exposure to engaging and inspiring speakers.   These are the kinds of experiences and opportunities that students remember about their time at school; the memories of belonging to a team, of seeing things through a new and fascinating lens, of having fun whilst developing their sense of place in the world with their friends. 

The Character Academy is underpinned by the desire to foster students’ personal development through team work, resilience, leadership and positive challenges. We want all of our students to be able to access the best of what is thought and said so that they can graduate from our schools as ethical, informed citizens ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century global workplace.

Although still in the developmental phase, we aim to offer our students a range of experiences throughout their time with us at a Four Stones school:

A programme of ‘cornerstone experiences’ – where all students will be guaranteed to have an opportunity to participate in activities that will not only develop skills and qualities but create lifelong memories.

Each school will develop the best possible menu of extra-curricular activities to offer students and encourage and track student participation. We aspire to have ‘sticky’ schools, where students choose to stay beyond the boundaries of the school day to be involved in high-quality extra-curricular clubs and activities (e.g. sports and performing arts).

Find out more about the extra-curricular offer in our schools:

Haybridge High School

King Charles 1 School

The De Montfort School

Alongside this core offer we aim to supplement students’ experiences with further enrichment (e.g. visiting speakers, workshops and visits) and leadership opportunities (e.g. peer mentoring, school council throughout each academic year.

The Character Academy will offer students real benefits in two ways – the opportunities and events themselves AND a rewards and ‘graduations’ system for students who take part in our offer.

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