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Being off school for a few months might sound like a dream come true at first, but a week in, and many of us may be wishing they were back at school and out of the house. This is a challenging situation and most of us don’t know how to make the most of our time in lockdown to stay on top of their school work. Regardless of your year group, your education is important and these unprecedented circumstances just require some adapting to different ways of learning.

Check out these top tips from Innerdrive about making the most out of home learning.

Daily and weekly tasks

Your teachers have set you weekly tasks to complete. These are updated every week.  It is important that you try to stick to the timetables below as this will help break up the days as well as ensuring you don’t spend all your time on your favourite subjects.

Click on your school below so that you can see your timetable.

There are three essential tasks you should complete daily in addition to your weekly tasks:


At least 30mins Reading

(see further information below)


Hegarty Maths



Using books and/or knowledge organisers

In addition, weekly tasks will be set for student. Tasks for each school are below:

  • Haybridge High School
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  • King Charles I School

The following websites are used regularly by both students and teachers. Click on the logos to access them.

The following websites can be used to supplement home learning:

There are a variety of other resources that can be accessed by students to support and supplement their learning at home.

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