Each school would still have its own budget and make its own decisions on how to use this.  A ‘top slice’ would be applied to pay for any services that are provided by the MAT centrally to make them more cost-effective. For example:

  • Educational support and challenge
  • Central attendance and education welfare support
  • Central finance support and audit
  • Facilities management, health and safety services and capital works
  • IT service and support
  • Access to the SCITT and Teaching School Alliance
  • Shared TEDs each year
  • Bid writing
  • Peer to peer review

In other MATs this appears to be at about 5%. However, this is a figure that we would aim to achieve over a number of years and the centralised team would be dependent on the needs of the individual schools within the MAT. The staffing for the ‘top slice’ would come from within the individual schools. There might be an opportunity in the future for external appointments but we would have to consider the overall budget.